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We would like to hear from you. The Meat Cafe is set to open until late at night so that customers can enjoy banquets and charter parties, so please feel free to chat without worrying about your time.
It can also be used for farewell parties and girls-only gatherings, and delicious meat dishes and sake will help you deepen your bond. Reservations for charter are limited to 15 people or more. If you are standing, you can visit up to 50 people.

You can enjoy high-quality meat dishes at Baru Carnet Kitchen in Iwata

In addition to the menu using classic beef such as roast beef and steak, pork and chicken are also available. “Deep fried thigh chicken” is a dish made from fresh chicken sent directly from Tottori. Please enjoy the delicious and delicious texture of Daisen chicken. "Iberico pork teppanyaki" is a delicious dish with faintly sweet fat. Both meat cafes are seasoned best for each meat, so please enjoy it.
How about the prosciutto ham and salami that are popular with customers as a side menu and snacks? In addition to “Palma prosciutto” using pork, we also offer “cured ham of chicken breast”. Salami is available in Italian Milan Salami and Pepperoni Salami, which feature umami and moderate acidity. There is a great assortment menu for every dish. Please order here if you are in doubt.

Popular wine and seafood from Kamada's Bal Carnet Kitchen

In addition to meat dishes, we are focusing on various menus such as seafood dishes and liquor, and we have gained a good reputation in our customers' voices. We recommend “Anchovy Potato Salad” and “Smoked Oyster with Ponzu Sauce” for cold dishes, and “Tartare bite fried oysters” for hot dishes. Pasta and pizzas also have seafood menus such as “Seafood Cream with Penne Gorgonzola” and “Clamder Pizza with Clam and Bacon”.
Homemade lemon liquor is one of the things you can only taste at a meat café, and the refreshing acidity complements your dishes. If you are a sour, you can choose "Homemade Pickled Lemon Sour" or "Homemade Pickled Honey Lemon Sour". Please order according to your preference.

A half-private room is also available at Iwata's Bar Carnet Kitchen

Iwata's Bal Carne Kitchen offers a variety of seating configurations. The table seats can seat up to 18 people. Counter seats are recommended for customers visiting one or two people. For couples, couples, and friends, there are couple seats in the back of the store. Also, how about a semi-private room for a small party or a girls' association? You can spend a relaxing time in a private space.
The meat cafe can also be used for banquets and private parties, so please feel free to make a reservation. Delicious food and liquor that are highly appreciated by customers will further enhance your wonderful time. There are a wide variety of course menus, ranging from reasonable ones to luxury ones, and all have all-you-can-drink options and different types of cuisine. The staff will prepare with all your heart.

Kamada's Bal Carne Kitchen has a calm atmosphere

Please enjoy high quality and delicious fresh food in a restaurant that has a reputation for a wonderful atmosphere. We offer a wide variety of menus from classic menus such as “roast beef” to original menus such as “Carnet Kitchen's Mixed Pizza” and “Homemade Short Pasta Trofier's Arabica”. We also recommend a variety of homemade lemons that can only be enjoyed at meat cafes. We offer a variety of menus such as wine, wine cocktails, and sour, so please enjoy your meal.
For customers who want a more relaxed atmosphere, there are semi-private seats and couple seats where you can enjoy cooking and talking in a private space, so please come to the meat cafe with your important family, friends and lovers Please give me. For special occasions such as birthdays and anniversaries, book a homemade anniversary cake. Delicious food and stylish interiors will enhance your memories.


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Store name

Calne kitchen

Street address

7-45-5 Nishi Kamata, Ota-ku, Tokyo

phone number
business hours

18:00 〜 3:00

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小森 寿文





Iwata's Bal Carne Kitchen is located within walking distance from multiple stations, making it easy for customers to visit. Please come and visit us on your way home from work or on a holiday. Open late until midnight, so you can enjoy cooking and talking without worrying about your time. We also look forward to banquet and charter reservations.