We accept orders for homemade authentic anniversary cakes

Please come to Barda Carnet Kitchen in Iwata and enjoy delicious meat dishes. The meat café, which provides new information, offers a variety of meat dishes such as “A3 Japanese Black Beef Daitoro Aburori”, “Fried Toyama Toritori Daisen Chicken” and “Iberico Pork Teppanyaki”.
There is also a wide variety of menus, including pasta, pizza, and seafood, so look for your favorite dish. There are various course meals available, so you can order them at your convenience.
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The meat cafe offers a number of great course menus, but the pride is the breadth of the price range. “Casual course with 2 hours all-you-can-drink” is recommended for customers who come to the store for the first time as you can enjoy the meat cafe's cuisine and sake at a reasonable price. "Premium course with 2.5 hours all-you-can-drink" offers both meat and seafood dishes in luxury. The best example is “roast beef oysters with roasted oysters”.
There is an all-you-can-drink course available only on Sundays and Thursdays. Please check the latest information and use it for your daily meals. Draft beer, red and white wine, cocktails, sour, whiskey, shochu and gin tonic are also available. Soft drinks are also available, so please enjoy as much liquor as you like. We look forward to your visit.